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How to Cool and Protect a Data Center?

Transcript: How to Seal and Protect a Data Center?

How to Seal and Protect Data Centers:

Boyd’s agile manufacturing enables rapid prototyping, faster turnaround and streamlined supply of high efficiency converted advanced materials. One-shot manufacturing and integrated thermal solutions create thinner, denser, higher-performing Enterprise Electronics.

FR V-0 Front and Back Panel Overlays:
Custom overlays enable branding with improved safety and enhanced user experience.
FR V-0 Air andAcoustic Blocker
Improve air-blocking, thermal management, and acoustic absorption.
Shielding Reduce electronic malfunction and improve device and signal reliability by blocking unwanted external electromagnetic waves.
FR V-0 Baffles for Air Flow Management and Gap Filling
After airflow inside the server to efficiently direct it to the appropriate area for cooling.
FR V-0 Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)
Facilitate heat transfer away from sensitive components on the board for improved cooling.
FR V-0 Air Leak Sealing and Air Gap Filling Foams
Prevent loss of cool air, fill air gaps, and connect pathways for internal airflow optimization.
Printed Membrane Switches
Printed graphic overlay with integrated electronics for HMI applications.
Electronics and Display Integration
Integrated solutions and complex functional display assemblies for high end OEMS.
Enclosure Housing and Environmental Seals
Ruggedize and protect against harsh vibration and liquid, gas or particle contamination to extend product lifetimes.
FR V-0 Velcro Cable Management
Hook and loop straps to fasten cable and/or wires inside the server assembly.
High Temperature Resistant UL 969 Labels
Roll labels enable branding with improved safety and an enhanced user experience.
Custom Made Nameplates
Durably identify and promote the brand and model.

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How to Cool a Data Center with an In-rack Liquid Cooling System

Transcript: How to Cool a Data Center with an In-rack Liquid Cooling System

Rack Level Fluid Management for Data Centers

  • Components:
    • Hot Manifold
    • Cold Manifold
    • Server
    • CDU
  • Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU)
    • Hot swappable, high reliability modular cooling systems, maximize compute density and uptime while lowering data center energy demand.
  • Rack Manifold
    • Precision engineered to balance flow to each heat source and enable lifelong, reliable connect/disconnect cycles with minimal downtime.
  • Installed Cooling Loop (Assembly Fixtures Not Shown)
    • Handling, shipping, and assembly fixtures assure strict dimensional control and top-down system access for faster cooling loop installation or service and maximum uptime.
  • Inlet: Connects to Cold Manifold
  • Outlet: Connects to Hot Manifold
  • Liquid Cooling Loop
    • Optimize coolant distribution to each heat source for on-demand peak performance with reduce energy consumption and maximized compute power.

Integrated Cloud Data Center Liquid Cooling Systems

Transcript: How to Cool a Data Center? Liquid Cooling System Solutions

Integrated Cloud Data Center Liquid Cooling Systems (LCS)

  • Data Center Chassis Rack
    • Customized integrated cooling systems to enable greatest power density, highest performance, lowest energy footprint and total operating cost.
  • Rear Door Heat Exchanger
    • Dual mode solution with highest efficiency heat transfer from liquid loop to facility air, or with highest heat capture from rack air into facility liquid.
  • Rack Manifold
    • Precision engineered for balanced flow to each unit and designed for lifelong reliable connect/ disconnect cycles.
  • Rear Door Heat Exchanger Fans
    • Software optimized to provide highest performance at lowest energy footprint and lowest noise levels
  • Servers
    • Off-the-shelf or customized liquid cooling systems and components for highest performance, lowest profile, and greatest power density.
  • Rack CDU
    • High performance, efficiency, and reliability hot swap design for maximum operational uptime, fully visible and controllable by facility level management software.
  • Cold Plates and Liquid Loops
    • Optimized for each server and device custom heat profile and skyline to ensure longest lifecycles and unlock maximum performance.

What is Inside a Coolant Distribution Unit – Air Cooled CDU

Transcript: What is inside a Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU)?

Boyd Air Cooled CDU

Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU)

Maximize compute density and lower energy use with Boyd’s modular in-rack liquid to air CDU. Optimize thermal density with facility air exchange systems.
Power Supply
Heat Exchanger
Programmable Logic Controller
Pump with N+1 redundancy
Fan Tray
High reliability DC pumps with N+1 redundancy come with features to improve efficiency like dry startup or maximize uptime with predictive maintenance monitoring
Heat Exchanger
Proprietary design, highly efficient tube-fin heat exchangers enable more compact systems that maximize power density.
Fan Tray Assembly
Dynamically-speed-controlled fans equipped with a standalone controller and N+1 redundancy improve system reliability and efficiency. Higher air flow custom fans available.
PLC Controller and Display
Easily manage multiple sensors and alarms to maximize power, energy use, and temperature efficiency with the touch screen controller, customizable to different data center network protocols.
Power Supply
Power supply status monitoring is integrated with the host system for current draw, wattage, and other data feeds to maximize thermal system efficiency.

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