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As market pressures demand higher product performance in smaller form factors power densities have increased exponentially. This has resulted in more complex thermal solutions to the point that current modeling software is no longer capable of accurately predicting product performance.

Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation, has developed Aavid SmartCFD to bridge the gap between theoretical and real world thermal performance. Aavid SmartCFD has encrypted decades worth of manufacturing expertise, testing, and performance data into Smart Object models for improved thermal design and analysis. With increased accuracy for complex systems, assemblies and components, Aavid SmartCFD enables reduced design cycles, prototype testing, and project costs.

Aavid SmartCFD는 다운로드 형식과 클라우드 기반 버전으로 제공됩니다.

Heat Sink Design

Easily set up the environment and define and place heat sinks.

Quickly build your heat sink by selecting from preconfigured heat sink types such as extruded, bonded, folded, zipper, or pin fins. All dimensions of the heat sink can be parameterized to evaluate different options efficiently.

Manufacturing effects such as bonding thermal resistance can be selected from a library and defined in one place. Aavid SmartCFD determines all the interfaces between the base and fins and applies the thermal bonding resistance.

Heat Pipe & Vapor Chamber Smart Objects

Aavid SmartCFD is the only tool on the market that accurately models heat pipes and vapor chambers, quantifies utilization capacity, and warns of dry-out.

Heat Pipe and Vapor Chamber Smart Objects will tell users if the heat pipe or vapor chamber is at low utilization and could be smaller, lighter, and cheaper or is at near 100% utilization with no margins left and at risk of dry-out.

액체 냉각판

Scripting and parameterization of geometries to accelerate modelling and design exploration of Liquid Cold Plates.

Aavid SmartCFD provides full 3D CFD analysis for all types of Liquid Cold Plate designs to analyze flow, pressure drop, and thermal properties. Aavid SmartCFD’s Trials Feature automates the characterization of Liquid Cold Plates to produce F-J curve reduced order models (ROMs). For example, Liquid Cold Plate ROMs are utilized in the Network solver to look at full fluid systems with pumps, pipes, connectors, and valves.


Aavid SmartCFD has 3 solvers, each tuned for different applications.

CFD Solver
Full CFD solution using a tetrahedral (Tet) or hexahedral (Hex) mesher. This is the best option when accuracy is of the utmost importance.

System Solver
Uses correlations for heat transfer and friction to realize a 10-20X performance increase over general CFD solvers. With accuracy of -0% + 10% as compared to full CFD results, users can quickly run a multitude of “what-if” scenarios and topologies to narrow in on optimal designs.

Network Solver
Use to model large liquid systems consisting of a Liquid Cold Plate F-J curve based reduced order models (ROMs) in context with pipes, connectors, manifolds, pumps, and other devices such as valves. By linking in a control monitor the transient response of the system, as a function of changing operating conditions, can be modeled in real time.

열 교환기

Accelerated heat exchanger analysis utilizing the hybrid solver.

Aavid SmartCFD accelerates the analysis of large complex air/air, air/fluid, and fluid/fluid heat exchangers. This is accomplished through the use of a hybrid solver approach which uses the CFD solver in the solid domain and the System solver in the fluid domain.

High Power LED

Thermal analysis relative to lumens output.

Aavid SmartCFD LED SmartObject analyzes Vf (forward voltage), If (forward current), binning, and thermal dissipation to calculate a closed-loop steady-state lumens intensity. In LED arrays, individual LED currents need to be adjusted based on localized thermal gradients to ensure total targeted lumen intensity is met.


Construct complex components like cold plates using parameters for the key dimensions; and create new designs instantaneously by simply changing a few parameters.