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3D Laser Scanning at Boyd


Last updated Dec 21, 2023 | Published on Feb 6, 2018

 For the inspection and creation of complex injection molded components, a 3D scanner is often the perfect solution.

Imagine that you need to precisely measure a custom-machined, geometrically-complex wheel. Which measuring tool would you use? You could use standard industry equipment like a set of calipers, but that may result in several inaccuracies given the complex shape and inherent contours of the wheel. Alternatively, you could use a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), but that would be time-consuming and the machine be unable to reach into all of the crevices.

At Boyd, to ensure precise measurements for the the entire part, we would employ our 3D scanner to capture the wheel’s shape. This scanner quickly creates a file that can be used as a model for measurements, or even as a reference for duplication to create a new wheel.

The advanced 3D scanning tool used at Boyd employs a laser beam to precisely capture data points and digitize objects. To scan a component, you hold the laser gun and gradually move it over the desired object as if you were painting on it with the laser beam. The process is far more efficient than point-to-point measurements from a CMM or any other traditional measuring tools. The key advantages of this scanner are:

Advanced Part Evaluation

Capturing 560,000 points/second, the scanner is not only accurate, but also time-efficient. No matter how complex the shape of the object is, the laser technology accurately digitizes the exact size and three-dimensional form. It can easily measure data points from crevices, thru-holes, or contoured profiles where a CMM would fail. It works seamlessly across all surface types like wood, metal, plastic, or glass. Even dark and reflective surfaces do not affect the accuracy of the results.


The scanner works in conjunction with other measuring tools like the CMM or Optical Gaging Products (OGP). This implies that you can measure a few parts of a component on a CMM, complete the remaining measurements using the 3D scanner, and combine the data points from both machines in a single report. The scanner’s portability makes it easier to wheel it from one area of the factory to the other, thus expanding its floor coverage.

Ease of Implementation

While the scanner does require some initial programming and set-up to get started, the actual process of operating the scanner is simple and straightforward, enabling engineers to quickly move from project to project.

The applications of this scanning technology go far beyond just measuring the dimensions of a component. With this scanner, Boyd can efficiently convert a physical object into a digitized form. This reduced time-to-measure has greatly enhanced Boyd’s rapid prototyping process. It has also proved to be a great asset in achieving Computer Aided Design (CAD) to part analysis, quality control, and inspection. Boyd also employs the scanner to reverse engineer components to create replacement parts with extremely tight tolerances.

By capitalizing on advanced tools and technologies, Boyd is always exploring innovative and effective ways to meet its customer’s manufacturing needs. Tools such as the state-of-the-art 3D scanner have facilitated Boyd in serving its vast customer base with the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Contact us to learn more about our 3D capabilities.

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