Double Width Double Inlet Blowers

High flow rate blowers with less noise generation

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Double Width Double Inlet Blowers

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Double Width Double Inlet (DWDI) Blowers are a high performance air cooling solution that offer different design options and power capabilities compared to fans or other blowers. DWDI Blowers can handle a greater pressure drop, which is ideal for use with high fin density heat sinks and heat exchangers for high performance cooling. Blowers generate air flow perpendicular to the inlet(s), allowing for more flexibility in housing geometry. This also enables more localized cooling and greater creativity in system design.

These unique Double Width Double Inlet Blowers are designed to provide optimized cooling with minimized acoustics, allowing for active cooling systems that are four to eight decibels (dBA) quieter than comparable axial fan systems. Boyd’s engineering team also specializes in acoustic analysis, enabling us to refine the design of our DWDI housings and impellers to reduce tonal vibration and improve overall sound profile of these blowers. Additionally, our DWDI blowers have no inlet flow obstructions, allowing for fewer restrictions to air flow and greater performance than conventional blowers.

Our fan & blower engineering team brings together world class expertise for air mover technology and solutions. Our special technologies include acoustically superior impeller design & fabrication, fully integrated custom blower trays, and solutions for rack cooling. DWDI blowers are ideal for applications that require active cooling but cannot tolerate the noise that traditionally comes from a fan.


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