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Material Edge: Powering Cloud, AI and Beyond

Secure Your AI Advantage: Optimize and Safeguard Data Centers

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), businesses need robust and resilient data centers. Society is leveraging AI’s power for everything from facial recognition to personalized recommendations, creating an unprecedented demand for reliable enterprise solutions. As a leading innovator in engineered materials, Boyd’ comprehensive suite of material technologies are designed to optimize data center performance and safeguard your critical AI infrastructure.

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Boyd: Pioneering Sealing and Shielding Solutions for AI Data Centers

For over 70 years, Boyd has provided sealing solutions for data center applications, including those shaping the future of AI. We leverage our deep material expertise to design and fabricate resilient gaskets and seals tailored to your enterprise needs. Our gaskets create tight seals around server doors, equipment enclosures, and input/output ports to waterproof and prevent dust and moisture contamination. Our EMI shielding materials block unwanted electromagnetic waves to ensure optimal system functionality and data integrity. Boyd’s gasket and O-ring solutions reduce wear and tear, protecting against contamination or water damage. Gaskets, air baffles, and air blockers boost the efficiency of AI systems that leverage extreme air cooling.

Enhancing Safety: Boyd’s Insulating UL Labels & Overlays

Boyd crafts insulating UL labels and overlays from high-quality, UL-rated materials, ensuring they withstand abrasion, chemical, and high temperature exposure. Durability guarantees that vital information remains clear and legible for extended periods, even in harsh data center environments. These labels and overlays enhance safety with their flame-retardant properties. Certain Boyd labels and overlays have engineered dielectric properties, which prevent electrical shorts, act as flame barriers, and enhance personnel safety on live equipment.

Bonding the Future: Secure Connections with Boyd

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Boyd’s expertise in bonding and adhesive systems extends to a diverse range of materials crucial to support AI infrastructure. We offer a comprehensive selection of adhesive tapes and pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) tailored to the needs of AI-driven enterprises. With access to a global network of suppliers, Boyd laminates custom formulations precisely suited for specific AI applications.
Employing precision converting processes like rotary die cutting and kiss-cutting, we craft tailored composite tape solutions for each application. Drawing on decades of experience, we design custom solutions optimized to ensure peak performance in AI environments. Our engineers meticulously assess factors such as substrate compatibility, polymer type, and environmental conditions to select an ideal adhesive system, thus averting issues like insufficient pull strength or inadequate temperature resistance. Boyd specializes in manufacturing solutions with ultra-tight tolerances, offering value-added solutions for automated assembly equipment.

Quiet Your Data Center: Boyd’s Noise and Vibration Control

assorted widths of tape rolls with brown paper backing

Boyd’s Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) solutions dampen the roar in server rooms. We strategically place our vibration damping materials on server chassis and equipment racks to significantly reduce noise and vibration levels. We also specialize in hard disk drive (HDD) dampeners to improve read-write reliability. These innovative materials absorb and dissipate energy, creating a quieter and more stable environment for AI infrastructure, protecting the equipment, and minimizing the risk of data loss due to vibration. Additionally, our acoustic insulation materials, such as SOLIMIDE® foam, further enhance noise reduction.

Boyd: Building a Stronger Foundation for Data Centers and AI

Boyd pioneers and manufactures Engineered Material solutions with decades of material science experience and expertise. We fortify AI infrastructure within data centers through a proactive approach to engineering sealing, insulation, shielding, technologies. Deploying these advanced solutions enhances the reliability, performance, and longevity of AI systems and data centers, ensuring seamless operations and unlocking new possibilities in technology-driven innovation.

With Boyd’s expertise at their disposal, data centers confidently navigate the evolving landscape of AI to harness its full potential for transformative growth and success. To learn more about our engineered material solutions or to discuss your project needs, schedule a consultation with our experts.

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